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Mission: To provide opportunities for at-risk and disadvantaged youth and adults to receive the necessary skills to become self-sufficient and productive at home, in school and in their community.

Goal: To help youth and adults have a better life and a better community.

Counties Served: Darlington and Florence

Areas of Focus: Bible Study, Life-Skills, Character Education, Bullying, Gang & Violence Prevention, Family & Leadership Development, Health & Wellness, the Arts, etc.

Macedonia Life-Skills Center

provides young people a supervised and safe place to engage in fun and creative learning activities.

Macedonia Life-Skills Center keeps children off the streets and out of trouble. 


Facing the Scope of Problems

According to 2009 South Carolina Kids Count, the data on families, economic status, health, readiness, school achievement, and adolescent risk behaviors provide a troublesome picture of the children in Darlington County. 38.2% of children in single-parent families, 27% in poverty, 52.3% not graduating from high school, 35.9% of high school students using alcohol and 20.4% using drugs each month, and other data profiled in this report, suggest that too many children are at risk of not growing up to become self-supporting adults, good family members, and responsible community citizens. Macedonia Life-Skills Center is trying to change that.

Solution to Problems

According to South Carolina Kids Count, we must emphasize the positive in providing good support and appropriate influences for children and youth.

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