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RAW (Reading and Writing)
CHATS (Children Helping Around Town)
Summer Feeding and Enrichment
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WOW Wednesday
"WE CAN" Boys & Girls
Leadership 4-H

Children Helping Around Town is our community service project. Students volunteer their time and talent to help other local non-profits with their projects. CHAT students participated in McLeod Hospital's Change Cupid for Kids Program by collecting change from local businesses to help children treated at McLeod Children's Hospital. 

   CHAT students helped to  landscape a Habitat for Humanity House. 

CHAT students visited Morrell Nursing Home. Students prayed, read scriptures, sang songs, recited poems, and treated residents with bags of goodies. 

CHAT students adopted two streets, Allen and Chestnut, in partnership with the City of Darlington, SC.

CHAT students also visit senior citizens, sick and shut-ins, handicapped, veterans, military families, and the disabled in their community to help with light chores and/or sometimes just sit and visit. 
Hats off and a big round of applause to our CHAT students. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

Youth Activities & Classes

All youth from the community, grades 1-12, are invited to attend our programs. 

Adults are always welcome. We also have a class for ages 4 and 5 in the church nursery.

Speakers from other non-profit organizations and from businesses in the area conduct classes and/or speak on various subjects with students such as life-skills, health & wellness, arts, sports, behavioral health, bible study, leadership, family and school violence, child abuse, job exploration and preparation, interviewing skills and techniques, and bullying, gang prevention, school violence, family violence, drug & alcohol abuse, pregnancy prevention, and health & nutrition, etc.
Group Class
Ms. Courtney and Ms. Deidra's Class

Ms. Courtney's Class

Boys Character Ed Class

Summer Feeding Program

Summer Feeding Proigram

Senior Girls

Junior Boys Class

Sgt. Nelson (below) of the City of Darlington Police Department speaks to the beginners and primary classes about manners and respect for authority. 

Mrs. Poiette and Ms. VictoryDarlington Police Department Visits

Ms. Victory's Drama Class

During refreshments, adults and students sit together, socialize, and share life experiences that often lead to long and lasting positive friendships. 

Our kitchen volunteers are the best. From left to right are Ms. Glendora Richardson, Ms. Sharon Jackson and Ms. Dorothy Ezekiel. These ladies are very health conscious about what is being served to the students. They make sure each student is fed and receives seconds, if wanted. These ladies often spend their own money to buy extra treats for the students on holidays and during special events. Ladies, we love you and thank-you!

Summer Feeding Program
Hawaiian Laui with games, food and fun. As always, our pastor and first lady (below) joined the fun.


Ms. Poiette McGill Bromell (above) sings and teaches students songs. She also teaches them telephone and table etiquette. Some students did not know how to tie a tie, Ms. Poiette brought bags and bags of ties and taught everyone how to tie them. Some adults were having more trouble tying ties than students. Everyone had fun, learned new skills and were able to take their ties home with them.  

Sis. Poiette (below left) teaching students new songs. Sis. Poiette and her daughter, Victory (below right).


Older students play sports and other recreational activities at the Stanley Gym. Mr. Don, Mr. Melvin and other volunteers keep things together. 

(below) Field trip to the Pee Dee Baptist E&M Youth Program in Cheraw, SC. Pastor Bromell and his daughter, Victory Williams, were guest speakers.

Visiting the statue of Dizzy Gillespie at Town Green in Cheraw, SC.

(right) Ms. Courtney and Ms. Deidrell's nursery and beginner's classes leaving 
Swampfox Theatre in Florence, SC.

Pastor Bromell (below left) speaking to students about leadership, manners, and ethics. Mr. Monroe White (below right) speaking to students about juvenile delinquency, the prison system and respecting authority. 

Speaker - Mr. Monroe White
Mr. Mandas Jordan's Art ClassGroup Class 
Field Trip to the Dooley Planetarium at Francis Marion University (below) and McLeod Farms in McBee (right).

Dooley Planetarium at FMU


Dooley Planetarium at FMUSpeakerMin. Antwaun and Ms. Barbara
Volunteers Preparing for WOW WednesdayWOW Wednesday MentoringPreparing for Devotions

above) Students preparing for devotions before class. Students recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Bible, the Pledge of Allegiance to the Holy Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. They also recite the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm.

Find additional pictures and info on the church's website at: in Darlington, SC

McLeod's FarmsMcLeod FarmsMcLeod Farms

(below) Chief of Police, Kaynnera Capers of Society Hill, speaks to students at WOW Wednesday. Chief Capers told students to believe in themselves and strive to be better each and every day. He told students not to let anyone take their dreams away and that when things get tough, turn to God.

Chief of Police - Society HillStudents, Shakiah and Shariah (below), at the Catfish Festival in Society Hill, SC.

(below) Tyler, Kiara, and Tyeaisha performing at the Catfish Festival in Society Hill with the Darlington Co. Union E&M Youth Choir .
Darlington County Union Youth Choir
Bullying and Values Group Class

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